=============================================================================== EPSON JavaPOS ADK 1.81L README =============================================================================== 1. Distributed files The following files are supplied. README_en.html (This file) EPSON_JavaPOS181_Install.bin (Software package) EPSON_JavaPOS181_Docs.tar.gz (Documentation package) 2. Usage 2.1 Expand the compressed manuals file. Copy the compressed JavaPOS package to a directory and then expand it. The following example assumes the file is copied to /usr/local/. Move to /usr/local and then expand the compressed file. [Example] # cd /usr/local # tar -xvzf EPSON_JavaPOS181_Docs.tar.gz If the expansion is completed successfully, the following files are obtained. /usr/local/javapos/docs/releasenote_en.html (Release note in English) /usr/local/javapos/docs/docs_en (English manuals) 2.2 Refer to the release note. Refer to the release note before you perform the installation. Verify the operation environment, required system construction, and special notes described in the release note. Refer to the release note for details on the manuals. 2.3 Perform the JavaPOS installation. Perform the JavaPOS installation according to the Users Reference in the manuals directory. 3. Special notes Adobe Systems Acrobat Reader (for Linux) is verified for display when reading PDF files on Linux. If you use other software, the file may not be displayed correctly. (C) Copyright SEIKO EPSON Corporation, 1999-2004