EPSON TM-S1000 Driver Software

Uploaded date 2019/11/28
Explanation EPSON TM-S1000 Driver Ver.1.07EMEA

This Driver is for Bank application development in Windows environments, providing versatility of using TM-S1000.
With the TM-S1000 Driver, you can operate such as magnetic character reading or scanning using the TM-S1000 API.
You can use this software only for EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa). In an area except EMEA, you can not use it.

[Changes from Ver.1.06EMEA to Ver.1.07EMEA]
[New support OS]
Supports the following OSes:
- Added support for Windows 11 21H2(64bit)
- Added support for Windows 10 21H2(32/64bit)
- Added Windows Server 2022
- Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 Home, Windows 11 Pro, Windows 11 Enterprise, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019.

[Function change]
Supports Device Guard of Windows10.

[Support Model]

[Support OS]
Windows 11 22H2 (64 bit)
Windows 11 21H2(64 bit)
- Home, Pro, Enterprise
Windows 10 22H2 (32/64 bit)
Windows 10 21H2 (32/64 bit)
- Home, Pro, Enterprise, IoT Enterprise
Windows 10(32/64bit)
Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)
Windows 8(32/64bit)
Windows 7 SP1 (32/64bit)
Windows Vista SP2 (32/64bit)
Windows XP SP3 (32 bit)
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Windows Server 2008 SP2 (32/64bit)

[How to obtain this content]
Please contact your local Epson sales company or your sales partner to obtain this driver.

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