EU-m30 Default Language Change Utility Software

Uploaded date 2022/05/09
Explanation [New Release]

When printing multi-byte characters with a driver / application that does not support UTF-8, the characters may be garbled.
In such a case, "Default multilingual font change tool" to switch the default multilingual font setting to prevent garbled characters (EU-m30 Default Language Change Utility), Windows only is available.

[Switchable languages]
- ANK + South Asia (Thai 1 pass)
- ANK + South Asia (Thai 3 pass)
- ANK + Japanese
- ANK + Korean
- ANK + Traditioanl Chinese
- ANK + Simplified Chinese

[Support Model]

[Support OS]
- Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

- USB only

[How to obtain this content]
- Please contact your Epson sales company to obtain this utility.

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